How to submit a start-up SCIA

The SCIA – Certified Activity Report – is one of the main administrative tasks to be undertaken to start, modify or cease a craft, commercial or industrial production activity. The SCIA is an administrative declaration that produces immediate effects using the appropriate forms that is filled in self-certification. Except for a few exceptions, it is sufficient for companies to present the relevant SCIA model, correctly completed and complete in its entirety, to start its economic activity.

What is SCIA for?

The SCIA (Certified Report of the beginning of activity) is the administrative declaration to be presented in the Municipality that allows companies to start, modify or cease a productive activity (craft, commercial, industrial). It produces immediate effect , as it is not necessary to wait for the timing, the execution of checks on the requisites and preliminary checks by the competent bodies.

The SCIA, which came into force on July 31, 2010, replaced the DIA (Start of Business Report) and the DIAP (Declaration of the start of production) and consists of a self-certification with attachments, necessary to document the possession of:

– subjective requirements (moral and professional if required for the performance of certain activities);

– objective requisites: foreseen by the law according to the type of economic activity to be initiated, concerning for example the urban, building, sanitary and environmental compliance of the premises or the company equipment.

When to present the SCIA

The SCIA must be presented before the start, modification, suspension or cessation of the activity. Since this is a self-declaration in which the existence of the requirements for the opening of the activity is declared, it is necessary that, on the date of presentation of the same, the applicant already has all the necessary requirements to start the business (for example the company must already be established).

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