Interesting Things About Professional Art Supplies

Artists use so many fancy tools with so many different uses, and in this article, we get the chance to take a look at a few of those tools that not everyone knows about that have really cool uses. Let’s get right into the list of tools we will read about in this article!


  • Pebeo paints
  • Special effect palette knives
  • Water brushes
  • Mahl stick
  • Stencils


Some of these tools are more commonly used than others, but each of them has their very own unique way of being used! Let’s take a look at what each tool helps you create!


Pebeo paints


Unlike your typical paper paint that leaves a nasty texture, Pebeo paint is just as appealing to feel as it is to feel! Pebeo paint gives a bumpy texture similar feeling to as if you glued small pebbles on your paper. It also looks as beautiful as it feels!


Pebeo paint might be costly, but the turnout of your project is sure to be fantastic. Pebeo paint is more commonly used to add small detail to paintings to have a 3D look on certain parts of your painting, but you may apply as much or as little as you wish!


Special effect palette knives


This is an excellent tool for clay sculptures. It allows you to give precise detail to your sculpture. The best part about this professional tool is that they are available in thousands of shapes to add that finishing touch to your clay sculpting projects. These are commonly sold in packs of multiple shapes and sizes to best suit all project needs.


Water Brushes


Not only is this tool perfect for artists, but they are also often used as a way to calm your body when feeling stressed or nervous. The satisfying feeling you will feel when using water brushes and the lovely picture they create will leave you relaxed.

Water brushes are available in multiple colours to create lovely, outstanding paintings that will be appealing to anyone! It is like a marker, that runs on water and has to be refilled every once and awhile, the water is what goes on your painting with a nice colour.


Mahl Sticks


Next up is a tool for painters looking for an extra touch to their paintbrush! Mahl sticks are a ball of fabric placed on the end of a painter’s brush for a better, firmer grip on their paint job. Mahl sticks are less commonly seen used by artists as they have not been known for too long and are still making their way onto the market.




Most people have seen or used stencils in the past. However, it is one that still deserves its place in our article! Stencils are great for beginners or even experienced artists looking for perfection in their painting! They allow you to trace a letter or shape perfectly. To conclude, there are many cool artist tools on the market, and they are each beneficial for any artist in a different way.



If you are wondering where to purchase professional art supplies, a quick online search will lead you to the right stores  in your locality.