Advantages of pre-school education in Brookvale

Parents are often confused about the advantages of preschool education. Past and recent researches have shown the significant impact early education has over children during their formative years.

In Brookvale, preschool Brookvale schools believe that kids have a bigger chance to successfully hurdle formal schooling when their social and emotional skills were developed in early education programs. This belief is backed by numerous researches showing that kids with early education background are likely to become good and responsible adults.

Pre-kindergarten education is important for a kid to learn the basic emotional, mental, and social skills. The things kids will be able to learn in a preschool environment include:


Provide a child with a nurturing and structured setting

Your kid needs to experience a structured and nurturing setting for learning. A preschool provides this kind of learning environment with other kids and teachers. This kind of learning setting teaches kids to share the attention of their teacher with other kids, take turns, and follow instructions. Preschool education is an important stepping-stone learning experience for a child before he/she starts kindergarten.


Helps kids to develop emotionally and socially

Problem-solving, cooperating with others, and being considerate towards other people are the social and emotional skills developed in a preschool setting. Learning how to get along with others gains kids confidence and competency.

Discover new things

Kids tend to ask a lot of questions that adults are often hard put to answer. A preschool education allows children to find the answers to their countless questions. Parents can provide a support system to help the child as he/she talks, explores, and experiments with peers and teachers to find correct answers to questions that bother them.

Start learning numbers and letters

The preschool environment teaches numbers and letters to kids at their own pace. Activities and games such as story-time, building blocks, and more are the ways to make the learning interesting to kids. Story-telling and rhyming games are implemented as a way to strengthen children’s reading skills.

Teaching math skills can make use of counting crackers or cookies during snack time, memory games, and counting off days using a calendar.


Provides the perfect initial learning setting

Learning social and academic skills are learned easily with the perfect setting provided by preschools. Young children are, as a rule, curious and perceptive. They want to emulate the daily activities of adults in the home. They want to know how to buy things, know the right amount of money needed to buy things or follow the directions of a diagram for assembling a toy or equipment.

These skills can be taught to kids during their preschool period. Acquiring skills in following directions, listening, and starting and completing projects can build up a child’s confidence. Moving on to kindergarten will be a seamless transition when a child has already been exposed to a preschool learning environment.


A child will be able to adjust emotionally, academically, and socially when he/she feels comfortable with the learning environment. The emotional, academic, physical, and social growth of each child is the key elements focused on preschool programs. Learning these skills is important for a child to make his/her transition to kindergarten a seamless experience. Find a local pre-school in Brookvale and get your child ready for the real world.

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