Academics at Kindergarten

A few decades ago kindergarten used to be a half day program. All that has changed now as children have started attending full day kindergartens. Plus most kids have already had some form of pre-school education before they enter kindergarten. Meaning they are already on their way to academics as young as three years old, some even younger.

This has brought about a shift in the way the things are taught at kindergarten. In fact what children were once taught in grade one and two is now being taught at kindergarten level. This has brought about a change in the way different things are being taught to children at all grade levels. Children now have to be more academically smarter. They need to start much earlier. In fact it is expected that by the time a child enters kindergarten, they should already know the basics of language like the alphabet and numbers.

They are also expected to have some form of pre reading skills. While some children can read from the very first day there are some who might take this step a little later than their peers. However it is estimated that all children should be at a first grade reading level by the time they leave kindergarten.

While the main focus in kindergarten is mostly reading skills. Children are also taught math, science and a few other subjects. The way these subjects are taught make it fun and easy for the children to learn. Sometimes the lesson could be about butterflies. It would then be taught in context of teaching the children to differentiate between colours and also get to know how other organisms differ from humans. It’s usually a combination of various subjects taught in an activity based approach.

At this age children are taught about science through observation and exploration. On the other hand children are also taught a variety of things through music and dance. The easiest subject for most students at this level is mathematics. This is because children love to count and many of them are able to decipher simple addition and subtraction sums.

It is expected from parents to take an active interest in what their child is learning at kindergarten. Children should be encouraged to talk about what they have learnt. They should be able to read some of their text at home along with their parents on an everyday basis.

However kindergarten is just not about academics. In fact all the academics is integrated into their curriculum based on a number of activities. Most of their day is filled with learning bout different things through a variety of activities. Circle time is a common activity at kindergarten. Children sit together and talk about their experience, sharing their ideas. This helps enhance their speaking and listening skills. It also helps the develop companion and understanding for their peers.

The lessons taught at kindergarten Townsville, help build a strong foundation for your child. This would not only help them excel academically but socially as well.

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