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Founded in 1878, SGS has transformed the grain trade in Europe, offering innovative agricultural inspection services. The company was registered in Geneva as Société Générale de Surveillance in 1919. The company was listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SWX) for the first time in 1985. Since 2001, we have only one share class consisting of registered shares.


We try to be the emblem of our passion, integrity, entrepreneurship and our spirit of innovation, always striving to keep our vision. These values ​​guide us in everything we do and are the foundations on which our organization is based.


Our goal is to be the most competitive and most productive service company in the world. Our core competencies in inspection, verification, analysis and certification are constantly perfected to guarantee excellence. They are the heart of what we are. The markets we choose will be determined solely by our ability to be more competitive and consistently provide unparalleled service to our customers worldwide.


We guarantee that products and services comply with global standards and local regulations. By combining global coverage with local knowledge and unparalleled experience and expertise in virtually any industry, SGS covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption.


We enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services comply with national or international standards or regulations or customer standards, through certification


our comprehensive range of world-class inspection and inspection services, such as controlling the conditions and weight of goods during handling, helps to control quantity and quality and to meet all regulatory requirements of different regions and markets .

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Wherever you are in the world, regardless of where you operate, you can rely on our international teams of experts who can provide you with specialized business solutions to make your business faster, easier and more efficient.


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  • Chemicals
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Latest News

When Should You Find a New Childcare Centre for Your Child in North Ryde?

Do you think the childcare centre you take your child to is the best facility for your child? Do you feel like your child deserves more than they are getting? What steps have you taken to ensure your child receives the best childcare centre? Finding the right childcare centre for your child should always be a priority. Therefore, you must always ensure your child gets the best they deserve. This includes ensuring that you take them to a new childcare facility. If you feel they are not getting the best in the childcare centre, you take them now. This article will explore the signs telling you when to find a new childcare centre for your child in North Ryde.


Signs You Need To Find a New Childcare Centre For Your Kid in North Ryde

Anytime you observe the following signs, it means that you need to select another childcare centre that will offer your child the tender care they require;

  • Inadequate staffing

If you realise that the number of kids in a childcare facility is very high while the caregivers are very few, be sure your child will not get the attention they need. Unfortunately, most childcare centres choose to be understaffed so that they may pay less money for the childcare services they get. For this reason, if you realise that a childcare facility is understaffed and the issue is not being addressed, it is a sign that you should find a new childcare facility with ample staff.

  • Safety issues

Safety is consistently underestimated yet it is an essential aspect in an excellent child care facility. As a result, if you realise that any safety concerns are not addressed effectively, this childcare facility is not dedicated to keeping your child safe. Some signs you will start observing are poorly maintained facilities, injuries and accidents among kids, and inadequate supervision.  In such a case, you will ot have the peace of mind you need whenever you leave your child to such a childcare facility.  To avoid this, you should start looking for a new childcare facility immediately to ensure your child’s safety is a priority.

  • Failure to communicate about kids’ well-being

Effective communication is essential since it enhances transparency. A childcare facility must always ensure that they communicate decisively with the parents so that they can be updated on the well-being and progress of their kids. However, this is a red flag if you start noticing signs like communication breakdowns, unanswered texts or calls or no updates on your child’s well-being. For your child’s well-being, consider looking for another childcare facility that will communicate with you effectively so that you can be updated on your child’s well-being.

  • Lack of competent caregivers

To offer the best services, any childcare centre must have competent caregivers. However, some facilities fail to invest in component caregivers and choose the incompetent ones since hiring them is cheap. If you find out that the facility you take your child to has incompetent caregivers, it is a sign that you should look for a new one.

  • Unsanitary environment

Another red flag that means you should look for a new childcare centre is having unsanitary facilities. You must realise that kids are very delicate. Due to this reason, they should always be in a clean and sanitary environment.  Therefore, if you realise that the facility you take your child to is unsanitary, do not hesitate to find a new facility that offers your child a clean and safe environment.


As a parent, you must ensure your child gets the best. For this reason, if you notice any of the above red flags, it is time for you to choose a new facility for your kid. However, this time, you must ensure that you are thorough when choosing. Fortunately, there are so many childcare centres in North Ryde, so you willest facility for your child. Start researching about childcare facilities when you visit https://360earlyeducation.com.au/locations/north-ryde/.




How Can a Childcare Centre Hire Competent Caregivers in Morayfield?

Are you planning to hire caregivers for your childcare facility in Morayfield? What are some of the things that you look at the caregivers that you hire to take care of the kids in your facility? Do you think that the caregivers you hire are the best for your facility? Do you think that the caregivers that you hire have any impact on your child care facility?

In case you run a childcare centre, you will find yourself hiring caregivers to work in your facility. This is because you cannot handle all the kids and their needs alone and therefore, you will require someone to help you out. Depending on the number of the kids in your facility, you will know the number of caregivers that you will need to hire.  Having caregivers in your childcare centre will make things easy since you can handle the management tasks that you have and they can take care of the kids. Therefore, it will be easy for you to run your childcare centre.

What Kind of Caregivers Should You Hire in Your Childcare Centre in Morayfield?

This is one of the questions that you need to ask yourself anytime you are hiring caregivers for your childcare centre in Morayfield. Since you want the best for the kids in the childcare centre, you should make sure that you hire competent caregivers.  Unfortunately, most people running childcare centre today do not pay so much attention to the kind of caregivers they are hiring.

In fact, most of them will fail to hire the competent caregivers so that they can save several coins and instead hire incompetent caregivers.  This is very wrong since the caregivers that you hire will determine the direction of your facility. Therefore make sure that you are hiring the best caregivers you find. In case you do not know how to hire the best caregivers, there are things that you can look at when you are hiring and they will help you in selecting the most competent caregivers for your childcare centre. Some of these things include;

  • Qualifications

The first thing that you need to find out whenever you are hiring caregivers is whether they are qualified in taking care of kids.  Since you need to ensure that they offer the best care to the kids in the childcare centre, you should pick out highly qualified caregivers.

  • Experience level

The number of years the caregivers have been offering their services tells you how experienced they are.  It also determines the quality of services they offer which is why you need to hire highly experienced caregivers.

  • Reviews

Read the reviews that are written by past employees about the caregivers you will be hiring. The reviews will tell you whether you should hire them or not.

  • Reputation

The kind of reputation that the caregivers have will tell you whether you should entrust them with the kids in the childcare centre or not. Therefore, do all you can to find out the kind of reputation they have and hire the most reputable caregivers?

Why Does Your Childcare Centre in Morayfield Need Competent Caregivers?

You might think that competent caregivers spend all your money on their salaries but they have a very great impact on your childcare centre. For instance, parents will evaluate the caregivers before they decide to select your childcare centre. If you have competent caregivers they will select your facility but if the caregivers are incompetent, they will fail to select the facility. Also hiring competent caregivers makes your childcare centre successful. This is because the caregivers are able to provide quality services to the kids making parents refer other parents to your facility.  This also makes parents write great reviews that your childcare centres require getting more kids and becoming successful.

Check out Day One Early Learning in Morayfield. They have well-trained caregivers for kids.




Importance of Alternative School Programs

Alternative school programs offer different educational settings than normal schools. They are designed to meet special needs for children with abnormal behaviours that traditional schools can’t address.

What is the purpose of alternative school programs?

As stated before, alternative school programs are designed to cater to the special needs of adolescents with behavioural issues or physical disabilities who can be on the losing end if they go through a traditional school setup.

There are certain behavioural issues or medical conditions that disenfranchise a learner from reaching their potential in a traditional setup. Alternative school programs, therefore, provide solutions for this group of adolescents to improve their self-esteem and foster individual growth by focusing on the strengths and social capabilities of learners.

Alternative school programs provide flexible curriculum and organization structures to ensure that learners get special attention from facilitators and leverage their strengths and abilities to bring out the best in them. Alternative school programs harbour a host of incredible program varieties to excite learners to fully concentrate on what suits their situations.

Adolescents are disruptive and at the risk of dropping out of school, but alternative programs have been significantly expanded by educators and program designers to cater to the social and educational requirements of this vulnerable group. It is a milestone achieved by the stakeholders acknowledging that not all learners are the same and the fact that some cannot learn effectively in a traditional school setup.

Hence the need for the establishment of alternative schools to offer alternative school programs to address the needs of children and adolescents with personality disorders or medical conditions that disenfranchise them from gaining their full potential when exposed to traditional schools. Many factors may lead to a child or adolescent requiring alternative school programs, for example, children who are exposed to drug and substance abuse at an early age, children who underwent some kind of trauma at an early age, those with ADHD conditions, children exposed to violence, and more.

Alternative school programs provide a therapeutic space for them to heal and catch up with the rest. Alternative schools combine all facilities that can help address specific health and emotional requirements of vulnerable children.


Description of an alternative school

There is no one-fits-all program in an alternative school. There are different types of alternative school programs depending on the goals and the target student population.  Nowadays, alternative schools are readily available within the locality, whereas some areas might require a little travel, the best part is; some alternative schools provide boarding facilities to allow parents from far to cut down commuting expenses for their children.

Local alternative programs are available in public schools for parents who wish their children to attend a parochial school, but magnet and charter alternative schools are available for urban dwellers.

Private alternative schools are available too for parents who can afford them. These private or non-governmental organizations offer both day and boarding options for learners. Most of these schools require parents to pay school fees and boarding fees for their children.

To get a chance in a private alternative school, children are exposed to rigorous interview sessions with facilitators and teachers before they are admitted to ensure that the desired group of the population gets the chance as per the goals and objectives of the school. Parents considering such educational facilities must undertake thorough research to ensure the special needs of their kids are met.


Does early learning in Crestmead matter?

Most parents tend to think that parental education is the only important type of education for their young kids. For this reason, when it is time for the kids to be going to early learning centres, they do not take them.  However, you need to make sure that you are providing your kid with the best form of education and no matter how crucial parental education seems, no parental education is also important for the kids.


When children are young, they tend to understand things fast, especially because their minds are sharp. Therefore, it is easier for the kids to learn and understand new things every day.  Although most parents in Crestmead may know the impact of early learning, some of them neglect to take their kids for early learning. It is, therefore, important for you to make the right decisions when it comes to offering your kid early learning education.


Why does early learning matter in Crestmead?

As a parent, you must make sure that you are making informed decisions. Therefore, when the time comes for your kid to begin learning, you must make sure that the decision you are making is informed. For you to decide on whether your kid requires to go to an early learning centre, you must make sure that you know why it matters. The following section will provide you with the answer to your questions and the information that will help you say yes to early learning.


Why does your kid deserve early learning?

The following are some of the reasons why your kid deserves to attend school for early learning:


  • Socialisation

One of the main reasons why you need to take your kid to an early learning centre is to give them the chance to socialise. In the early learning centres, there are children that your kid gets to hang around every day you take them there. Since these kids are similar in age to your child, they get the opportunity to make friends with more ease. Socialisation helps your kid to get used to large crowds and also feel easy and comfortable when they are with people, even those they are not closely related to.


  • Emotional development

Kids in early learning centres develop relationships with the kids in these centres, the teachers and parents. Since the teachers in the early learning centres are more than caregivers to the kids, they develop an emotional connection with the kids. The kids also learn several skills that help them to develop emotionally.


  • Cooperation

Apart from socialisation, the kids will also learn to cooperate. In the early learning centres, the kids are taught to work, play, and sleep and sit together.  This helps them understand and learn the concept of teamwork and therefore, whenever they are in groups they get to cooperate. They also learn how to share what they have with others which is necessary even when they are in their homes.


  • Responsibility

The other reason why early learning is important is that it teaches the kids to be responsible. They get to handle certain tasks on their own unlike when they are at home and have to be helped with everything by their parents. Also, due to their emotional developments, they learn how to be responsible for each other’s sake.


  • Communication, literacy, and numeracy skills

The main reason why parents in Crestmead take their kids to early learning centres is that they want them to learn how to communicate, read, write and count. Find early learning in Crestmead that teaches all these and helps them grow and develop into responsible individuals and good citizens.



How does an ideal kindergarten in Brunswick look like?

For parents in Brunswick, real school introduction for their children should be sunny and smooth. Kindergarten is the time when children are introduced to a real school which finding an ideal kindergarten, Brunswick crucial.

Kindergarten sets the stage for a child’s real education. While there’s no perfect kindergarten, some excel than others. With this said, how does an ideal kindergarten look like? How can parents determine if a kindergarten school is the best there is?

Importance of Kindergarten

Kindergarten educational programs today offer the best way to help children practice and learn crucial study, social, problem-solving, and emotional skills that will put to good use throughout formal schooling.

The multiple benefits provided by quality kindergarten to children include:

  • Kindergarten is the best learning centre that helps to direct and spark the natural curiosity of children. Being taught to positively use or focus this natural curiosity fosters a lifetime and natural love of learning in children.
  • Self-esteem development in children is one of the major goals of kindergarten. The challenges of learning are hurdled when children feel good and confident with their abilities.
  • Positive lifetime abilities like getting along with others, working, and learning are taught and learned in kindergarten. Great opportunities for a child to learn sharing, patience, listening to others, and taking turns are the important emotional and social skills developed during kindergarten.

Choosing the Ideal Kindergarten

The description of an ideal kindergarten varies with parents and educators. However, educators basically agree that a kindergarten is considered ideal when its educational programs show:

  • Words, books, and writings of children are prominently displayed in the classroom. Displaying this all over the classroom means that the kindergarten is serious about fostering a love of writing, books, and reading in children.
  • Encourage the expansion of a child’s ability to solve problems, learn more about the world around him/her, and organize information. Confidence and self-worth are developed in children when they are encouraged to do challenging tasks along with their peers.
  • Large-group sitting activities are kept to a minimum. A good quality kindergarten focuses more on small group activities that encourage hands-on and play-based learning. Large group activities only come into play as the year progresses. Being able to work well with larger groups as the year progresses prepares children for a smoother transition to 1st grade.
  • Combining child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities. The combination of these types of activities enables children to work well with smaller groups of peers or on their own.
  • Smaller-sized classes. Smaller-sized classes benefit both teachers and children. Children may have trouble in developing and growing with large and unwieldy class sizes. Teachers achieve positive and better social interactions with students in a smaller-sized class.

These elements of a kindergarten have to be seriously considered as well as the child’s specific needs in the search for the ideal kindergarten. Each child’s personality and needs are unique and not every kindergarten program is the perfect fit.

One of the most unique, exciting, and crucial milestones in the life of a child is attending kindergarten. A quality kindergarten provides children opportunities to develop skills that will help them later in life. Parents often find the task of choosing a good kindergarten tough and challenging. Choose the best kindergarten by contacting us at Happy Hippo in Brunswick.


The Uniqueness of Independent Schools Gold Coast

Independent schools are aptly named. In the Gold Coast, independent schools, Gold Coast have two outstanding features that make them independent:

  • Financial independence – the tuition charged to families helps with the financial operation of independent schools. This makes independent schools financially free from being primarily supported by religious organisations or public funds.
  • Independent governance – A board of directors governs independent schools. The non-for-profit organisation of independent schools does not make them government properties like public schools, or parochial schools managed by a diocese, or proprietary schools run by for-profit organisations.

The uniqueness of independent schools lies in their being independent of all manner of entities. The strong independent quality of independent schools allows them:

  • Independence to create and design their mission to include the people they serve and the reason for this existence.
  • Independence in admissions regulation. This means that admittance to the school is dependent on the appropriateness of the student to the school’s mission.
  • Independence in defining the credentials of their teachers or instructors.
  • Independence to integrate learning courses that are seen as important and essential by their teachers. This freedom from the mandates of testing and textbook and curricular of the state is one of the unique features of independent schools.

However, viewing or thinking that independent schools are elitist is wrong. The only elitist thing about independent schools is their offer of academic expectations. It has been seen that many students enrolled in independent schools come from all levels of income with a lot of them receiving financial help from other entities.

Benefits of Independent Schools

The multiple benefits provided by independent schools include:

Smaller enrolments

The smaller enrolments in independent schools allow them to create smaller class sizes. The smaller-sized class results in lower teacher/student ratios which benefit the learning processes of students. The small number of students in a class fosters better relationships with their teachers. This allows the students to feel known and listened to compared to the bigger-sized classes of public schools.

Better academic performance of students

The high-quality courses integrated into the curriculum of independent schools challenge the learning processes of their students. This allows the students to perform better on state exams than their counterparts in public school.

Meeting the demanding requirements of independent schools encourage their students to aim higher. Many students attending independent schools for a long time pursue college degrees compared to students attending public schools.

State scholarships are often rewarded to students from independent schools. The excellent academic programs designed and created by independent schools make the students perform better in entrance exams.

Whole child development

Academics are not the only focal point of independent schools. Character development is also essential which is why it is integrated into the curriculum of independent schools. Character development includes the nurturing of a student’s civic conscience, social, and personal growth. Participating in artistic pursuits, leadership experiences, athletic competitions sponsored by the school, and community service are the ways that independent schools teach and nurture the social development of their students.

The true meaning of academic independence is with independent schools. The independent curriculum, the financial support from endowment revenue, tuition payments, and charitable contributions are the things that contribute to the uniqueness of independent private schools Gold Coast.

Early Learning Centre in Child Care

An early learning centre forms a purposeful way of divvying up different learning/subject areas in a classroom. Doing it this way provides a clear message to children the things expected in certain areas.

The placement of equipment, available materials, and furnishings of a learning centre teaches children the sort of activities that each area represents.

A bit of expense, planning, and work is required for the establishment of an early learning centre. However, time and money are saved once the established learning areas are established.

For instance, establishing an early learning centre includes:

  • Quiet and comfortable areas as the reading area
  • Active and loud locations as dramatic play areas
  • An art centre in areas with easy-to-clean hard floors
  • An area near a window can be converted into a science centre

The natural exploration inclinations of children are the things capitalised on by early learning centres. The hands-on experience of children as they try out their own ideas is given a chance with an early learning centre.

Lesson plans in an early learning centre are based on the subject and area. The morning/afternoon activities are planned in such a way that encourages children to use the area that interests them.

Benefits of Early Learning Centres

A limited number of children

The limited groups of children accepted by an early learning centre reduce discipline problems. The reasonable space provided by the different areas allows only a limited number of children. This teaches children to share or wait for their turn in popular learning areas.

Easier classroom management

The interest and choice of children make classroom management easier. For instance, a child with artistic interests will find his/her need met in the art area. Yet, the caregivers of early learning centres encourage children to try out the various areas to help them grow intellectually, mentally, and socially.

Hands-on activities

Early learning centres encourage children to experiment and explore under close supervision. This hands-on experience allows children to try out their ideas to see if it works or not. Problem-solving skills are learned by the children as they get involved in hands-on activities.

Supplied resources

Supplying the resources needed for each learning area allows children to try out their ideas. The role of caregivers in the early learning centre is to closely supervise activities as well as supply the necessary resources needed for a project.

The progress of children is closely observed

The small ratio of children in an early learning centre allows care providers to closely observe their progress. The progress could then be channelled and encouraged in other forms of activities.

Supply items for further discovery

Closely observing the progress of the children helps providers determine the right items to add to certain areas. The added supplies will, in turn, encourage further discovery by the children.

Classroom rules are followed easily

Designating the specific areas allows children to easily understand classroom rules. They will be able to know and understand the activities that are performed in specific areas.

Controlled essentials

Controlled essentials found in each specific area encourage children to come up with creative ideas. The limited essentials teach children important social skills such as waiting for their turn and sharing.

Early childhood learning centres have become essential facilities in today’s modern world. Contact us at Sippy Downs Child Care Centre for more information.

Meeting the Requirements of Environmental Management Systems


Internationally, there are agreed standards to set out the requirements for an effective environmental management system. These set of rules are laid down to what is called the ISO 14001 Certification. Typically, it provides a framework in which an organisation can follow. This is a voluntary standard that organisations choose to certify to, and they can integrate it into other systems of management such as the ISO 9001, which is vital in achieving organisational goals.

Specifically, ISO 14001 is essential in helping organisations improve their environmental performance. They learn how to use resources efficiently; thus, reducing wastage and gaining a competitive advantage. Still, with the system, they’ll gain a competitive advantage over other similar organisations, and finally, win the trust of stakeholders.

Environmental management system

With an environmental management system, your organisation can effectively identify, monitor, manage as well as control any matter about the environment in a holistic manner. The uniqueness of their system makes it easy to integrate it to other standards, which concentrate on different types of management systems, e.g., ISO 45001 and ISO 9001.

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 can be used by organisations of all sizes and types –a not-for-profit, private or governmental. But to get the standard, your organisation should keep in mind relevant environmental aspects to its operation in mind. For instance, pollution, water management, sewage disposal, climate change mitigation and soil contamination, among others are pertinent issues to almost all organisations.

Similar to other ISO standards, ISO 14001 demands continual improvements within an organisations system and approach to environmental concerns. The standards have seen some improvement in the recent past in some aspects. For example, there is a need for increased involvement in environmental management within an organisation’s strategic planning.

This means that the leadership should put in more emphasis by showing commitment through proactive initiatives, which boost environmental performance.

The latest and the highest version is the ISO 14001:2015 which covers topics regarding environmental management. The topics include:

  • Context of the organisation
  • Leadership
  • Support
  • Performance evaluation
  • Planning
  • Operation
  • Improvement

This latest version is a deviation from earlier versions as it introduces some changes such as:

  • Expanded EMS coverage and scope
  • Mandatory interactions with outside parties
  • Leadership engagements have new requirements
  • Legal requirements are expanded
  • Risk-based planning and control
  • New documentation requirements
  • Operation control requirements that are expanded
  • Competence and awareness requirements have undergone some changes
  • Affects the internal audit programs
  • Increased certification costs

The benefits of ISO 14001 standard

  • The standards help to save costs associated with waste, recycling and consumption
  • Gives you an edge over competitors when seeking business tenders
  • It gives you knowledge and strategies to manage all environmental risks
  • It is a demonstration that you are committed to improving the environment
  • Getting the ISO14001 shows that you comply with environmental regulation of the country
  • It can reduce the costs of insurance cover
  • It can stimulate the productivity of employees when they realise that they are working in an environmentally friendly organisation
  • It reduces wastes
  • Allows your organisation to manage all environmental obligations with consistency
  • It improves the trust of stakeholders and customers to your business
  • It increases the chances of gaining new business opportunities

Book into a iso 14001 certification course to show that you are complying with both current and future statutory as well as regulatory requirements.


Signs of a Good Child Care Centre in Clayton

Being extra observant and knowing the right questions to ask is the smartest way to find the best child care centre for your kid. In Clayton, starting your search for a good child care centre Clayton should be done six months before you need it.

A child care centre can be considered perfect depending on what parents need and prefer. For some, it may be one located near their home or workplace. For others, it may be the price.

Yet, all parents agree on these basic requirements a child care centre should show to make them one of the best there is.

Nice and solid reputation

A nurturing, welcoming, and friendly environment is one of the important hallmarks of a good child care centre. The best way to find out about a child care centre’s reputation is to ask them for current parents’ names and numbers. Calling the parents can provide you a personal reference about the reputation of the centre. Or you can make it a point to talk personally to parents by dropping by during pickup time in the afternoon. Your first impression with the centre counts as well.

Established and clear regulations

Established and clear regulations for emergencies and operating hours of a child care centre are important things to take into consideration. A centre that provides you a written copy of their policies means they take their responsibility to every child seriously.

A sick-child policy should be one of the things to look for in a centre. This policy will tell you the types of illnesses your child needs to have to stay home. A centre that requires all children to have regular check-ups and immunizations is one of the signs of a good child care centre.

A centre that does not encourage unscheduled parent visits is a red flag sign. Good child care centres always welcome and encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education.

Structured but stimulating schedules

Child care centres are places that provide a structured environment other than a child’s home. However, the structured schedules provided by a good child care centre should also be stimulating. This means that children have lots of time to read, play, participate in group activities, eat meals and snacks, and nap.

Your child’s development is rapidly stimulated when a child care centre implements a well-thought-out curriculum. It also makes learning fun and enjoyable for your child.

Educated, caring, and qualified providers

The advantage child care centres have over day care providers and nannies is their educated, caring, and qualified staff. A background in early childhood education and at least two years of a college education are some of the qualifications providers have to meet before they are hired by child care centres. This ensures that children in the centre gain the advantage of an educated provider.

Other than education, the interaction of the staff with the children should be looked into. Were they enthusiastic, fun, and responsible? Did they give the same amount of care and attention to every child?

Looking for the perfect child care centre can be a challenging and daunting task for every parent. Doing your homework can help you in your search for the best child care centre for your beloved child. Check out Nola Dee Childcare in Clayton. They will gladly give you information on how they can help take good care of your child.


Private Schools Queensland

First, let me begin by shading some lights on what private schools are and what public schools are. Private schools are privately owned schools with privately hired teachers, while public schools are state-owned schools with state hired teachers. The public schools are cheap and affordable to many, while private schools are expensive and elites only afford to take their children there. As a result, the population of public schools is high while that of a private school is low.  Syllabuses are the same in both public and private schools.

Reasons why you should take your children to a private school instead of a public school

Individual attention

Most parents feel satisfied when their children receive personalised attention, a feature which is almost impossible in public schools because of the overwhelming population. Many private school parents would like their daughters and sons to receive personalised and individual pupil and student attention. In private centres, classrooms are usually small, and the teacher likely interacts with them on certain occasions. Again, discipline problems are less frequent in private schools as compared to public schools because private schools enforce stringent laws to offenders and enforce the laws governing the behaviour of students while in school. In public schools, school laws are there not to be followed. Indiscipline amongst students makes students rebel against teachers.

Parental involvement

Parents are involved in their child’s education. The concept of a three-way rule is important in imparting knowledge to the kids. Parental involvement depends on the amount of time a parent devotes towards the betterment of their children. In private schools, parents show commitment to their kids by showing up when called upon by the teachers to chaperone a field trip for example, which brings a sense of team player in the side of the parent. This might not be possible in a public school.

Academic difference

Private schools teach children how to think and not what to think. Their children don’t even need to pass the test but gain skills that will remain in their heads for a long time. In public schools, children are taught how to pass exams, that is why poor results smell disaster for the administration and the teachers. They will bear the heavyweight of the blame, and teachers might even be reviewed negatively a move that could ruin many lives of teachers. It is a different atmosphere in private schools, and they normally outperform their counterparts and pressure of accountability lies in the desk.

Because the numbers of students in private schools are few, and the rooms are small, cheeky children cannot hide in the far-reaching corners and can be accessed easily by their teacher in case of mischief.

In private schools, methodologies used to train students are traditional and a progressive method which leaves the student to choose their ideologies which they think they are the best for them, in public schools, the teaching method is progressive.

Ipswich Grammer are a leading private school in Queensland that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and imagination.

Balanced programs

Private schools provide children with a balanced program, which offers equal weight to co-curricular activities and academics. Private schools have extensive subject coverage and activities like drama, arts, and music which will go along to shaping the IQ of a student. Extra-curricular activities aids in building a sense of belonging between teachers and students.

Religious teachings

Private schools are keen when it comes to matters of religion, while public schools are an open discussion in terms of religious activities.



Advantages of pre-school education in Brookvale

Parents are often confused about the advantages of preschool education. Past and recent researches have shown the significant impact early education has over children during their formative years.

In Brookvale, preschool Brookvale schools believe that kids have a bigger chance to successfully hurdle formal schooling when their social and emotional skills were developed in early education programs. This belief is backed by numerous researches showing that kids with early education background are likely to become good and responsible adults.

Pre-kindergarten education is important for a kid to learn the basic emotional, mental, and social skills. The things kids will be able to learn in a preschool environment include:


Provide a child with a nurturing and structured setting

Your kid needs to experience a structured and nurturing setting for learning. A preschool provides this kind of learning environment with other kids and teachers. This kind of learning setting teaches kids to share the attention of their teacher with other kids, take turns, and follow instructions. Preschool education is an important stepping-stone learning experience for a child before he/she starts kindergarten.


Helps kids to develop emotionally and socially

Problem-solving, cooperating with others, and being considerate towards other people are the social and emotional skills developed in a preschool setting. Learning how to get along with others gains kids confidence and competency.

Discover new things

Kids tend to ask a lot of questions that adults are often hard put to answer. A preschool education allows children to find the answers to their countless questions. Parents can provide a support system to help the child as he/she talks, explores, and experiments with peers and teachers to find correct answers to questions that bother them.

Start learning numbers and letters

The preschool environment teaches numbers and letters to kids at their own pace. Activities and games such as story-time, building blocks, and more are the ways to make the learning interesting to kids. Story-telling and rhyming games are implemented as a way to strengthen children’s reading skills.

Teaching math skills can make use of counting crackers or cookies during snack time, memory games, and counting off days using a calendar.


Provides the perfect initial learning setting

Learning social and academic skills are learned easily with the perfect setting provided by preschools. Young children are, as a rule, curious and perceptive. They want to emulate the daily activities of adults in the home. They want to know how to buy things, know the right amount of money needed to buy things or follow the directions of a diagram for assembling a toy or equipment.

These skills can be taught to kids during their preschool period. Acquiring skills in following directions, listening, and starting and completing projects can build up a child’s confidence. Moving on to kindergarten will be a seamless transition when a child has already been exposed to a preschool learning environment.


A child will be able to adjust emotionally, academically, and socially when he/she feels comfortable with the learning environment. The emotional, academic, physical, and social growth of each child is the key elements focused on preschool programs. Learning these skills is important for a child to make his/her transition to kindergarten a seamless experience. Find a local pre-school in Brookvale and get your child ready for the real world.

Cranbourne Central Early Learning

As a parent, your starting goal for a bright future is your child’s development and early learning. Every child needs a cornerstone to build their overall personality, and to do so early education system provides the right amount of attention, support, security, and learning environment. Early learning helps in overall development, wellbeing and morally sound outcome for there school life. The early learning institutions ensure a proper nurturing, safe environment, stimulation and the overall focus on child development towards learning, exploring and understanding so that his or her school life can be full of excitement.

Early learning is one of the first institutions where your child goes, and to decide the right place is not an easy task. In Cranbourne Central there are a number of early learning and child care institutions where you can a settled environment, with well-qualified professionals for your child. These child care centers work in a secure environment to make it more happily and content. They have trained and certified professionals to have a good relationship with children. Good hygiene, clear and direct communication helps your child to have a proper routine, full of learning activities. Creative learning programmes, various innovative activities, and a well-stimulated environment enhance the learning experiences.

For all the early learning and child care organisations, Australian governments early year learning framework (EYLF) designs a curriculum for quality complete childhood education. This programme ensures a well-trained professional for your child’s early education. A national framework is designed to ensure a joyful, playful learning experience which includes, social activities to connect children with the society’s values and humanity, to develop a helpful nature, boost in confidence and self-worth, and to have a good communication skill for language learning.

All these early learning centers in Cranbourne Central are under the National Quality Standard which helps to ensure quality and responsible learning environment for your child. Early learning centers services like long day care, family day care, kindergarten, and outside of school hour care.

Long day care

This service includes a stimulated, safe and joyful environment. It helps your child to understand self-worth, along with the importance of family and friendship. They focus on overall nourishment to make them aware about their own learning and its importance. Along with quality learning, nutritional meals and snacks are also introspective carefully to have a complete learning experience for your child. Alongside learning a cognitive environment involves joyful activities, proper guardianship, security measures for allergies and other health issues and emergency services are the prominent part of this long day care.


Family day care

In this service, individual care is the main part as these days care use to be conducted in a registered family to ensure quality and individual attention to every child.



These pre-school and kindergarten focuses on overall early learning of a child before going to school. Attention used to be given on reading and writing skills along with the basic learning of science, maths, art, and craft. They set up a base for your child to have his or her future studies in school without having to worry about establishing the base of learning. These kindergartens are registered by the Australian government to ensure the quality learning system for your child.

So, if you’re planning to have a quality early learning for your child, then Cranbourne Central childcare has everything you’re looking for.




Interesting Things About Professional Art Supplies

Artists use so many fancy tools with so many different uses, and in this article, we get the chance to take a look at a few of those tools that not everyone knows about that have really cool uses. Let’s get right into the list of tools we will read about in this article!


  • Pebeo paints
  • Special effect palette knives
  • Water brushes
  • Mahl stick
  • Stencils


Some of these tools are more commonly used than others, but each of them has their very own unique way of being used! Let’s take a look at what each tool helps you create!


Pebeo paints


Unlike your typical paper paint that leaves a nasty texture, Pebeo paint is just as appealing to feel as it is to feel! Pebeo paint gives a bumpy texture similar feeling to as if you glued small pebbles on your paper. It also looks as beautiful as it feels!


Pebeo paint might be costly, but the turnout of your project is sure to be fantastic. Pebeo paint is more commonly used to add small detail to paintings to have a 3D look on certain parts of your painting, but you may apply as much or as little as you wish!


Special effect palette knives


This is an excellent tool for clay sculptures. It allows you to give precise detail to your sculpture. The best part about this professional tool is that they are available in thousands of shapes to add that finishing touch to your clay sculpting projects. These are commonly sold in packs of multiple shapes and sizes to best suit all project needs.


Water Brushes


Not only is this tool perfect for artists, but they are also often used as a way to calm your body when feeling stressed or nervous. The satisfying feeling you will feel when using water brushes and the lovely picture they create will leave you relaxed.

Water brushes are available in multiple colours to create lovely, outstanding paintings that will be appealing to anyone! It is like a marker, that runs on water and has to be refilled every once and awhile, the water is what goes on your painting with a nice colour.


Mahl Sticks


Next up is a tool for painters looking for an extra touch to their paintbrush! Mahl sticks are a ball of fabric placed on the end of a painter’s brush for a better, firmer grip on their paint job. Mahl sticks are less commonly seen used by artists as they have not been known for too long and are still making their way onto the market.




Most people have seen or used stencils in the past. However, it is one that still deserves its place in our article! Stencils are great for beginners or even experienced artists looking for perfection in their painting! They allow you to trace a letter or shape perfectly. To conclude, there are many cool artist tools on the market, and they are each beneficial for any artist in a different way.



If you are wondering where to purchase professional art supplies, a quick online search will lead you to the right stores  in your locality.


Academics at Kindergarten

A few decades ago kindergarten used to be a half day program. All that has changed now as children have started attending full day kindergartens. Plus most kids have already had some form of pre-school education before they enter kindergarten. Meaning they are already on their way to academics as young as three years old, some even younger.

This has brought about a shift in the way the things are taught at kindergarten. In fact what children were once taught in grade one and two is now being taught at kindergarten level. This has brought about a change in the way different things are being taught to children at all grade levels. Children now have to be more academically smarter. They need to start much earlier. In fact it is expected that by the time a child enters kindergarten, they should already know the basics of language like the alphabet and numbers.

They are also expected to have some form of pre reading skills. While some children can read from the very first day there are some who might take this step a little later than their peers. However it is estimated that all children should be at a first grade reading level by the time they leave kindergarten.

While the main focus in kindergarten is mostly reading skills. Children are also taught math, science and a few other subjects. The way these subjects are taught make it fun and easy for the children to learn. Sometimes the lesson could be about butterflies. It would then be taught in context of teaching the children to differentiate between colours and also get to know how other organisms differ from humans. It’s usually a combination of various subjects taught in an activity based approach.

At this age children are taught about science through observation and exploration. On the other hand children are also taught a variety of things through music and dance. The easiest subject for most students at this level is mathematics. This is because children love to count and many of them are able to decipher simple addition and subtraction sums.

It is expected from parents to take an active interest in what their child is learning at kindergarten. Children should be encouraged to talk about what they have learnt. They should be able to read some of their text at home along with their parents on an everyday basis.

However kindergarten is just not about academics. In fact all the academics is integrated into their curriculum based on a number of activities. Most of their day is filled with learning bout different things through a variety of activities. Circle time is a common activity at kindergarten. Children sit together and talk about their experience, sharing their ideas. This helps enhance their speaking and listening skills. It also helps the develop companion and understanding for their peers.

The lessons taught at kindergarten Townsville, help build a strong foundation for your child. This would not only help them excel academically but socially as well.

Instilling a love for reading in your kindergartener

Reading is a rewarding hobby. Research has proved that children who start reading at an early age are able to excel in class as well as social setting compared to their peers who don’t read. As a parent, it is important to ensure that your child has an interest in reading books. So how do you do that? The following are some basic tip which would help you enable your child to become an eager reader.

  • For a parent it is easy to hand their child a tablet or a phone to keep them busy and engaged. We often forget to hold a conversation with our child. The first step parent can do is make sure they talk to their child and talk often. If you are doing the laundry talk to your child. Cooking food? Talk to your child. The more you talk to your child the more they would be receptive to words. Children are intuitive. They see what their parents are up to, so they learn by observing. A vocal parent has a vocal child.
  • Make sure your child is surrounded with reading matter which is age appropriate. Make sure you have a separate corner in the nursery which is dedicated for books only. Even if those are just picture books. Make sure you talk to your child about hats happening in the story and what could happen next. Try to sound interesting. You can make up voices for different character. Children love that. When they see you trying to emanate sounds and perform a role play, they would take an avid interest in reading.
  • The key is to ensure that your child is interested to read. Don’t make it into a chore. Instead try to make it as interesting as possible.

  • Also try to make reading into a habit. You must make an effort to read at least ten minutes a day. No matter how busy you are, dedicate some of your time to reading.
  • Encourage your child to read. You can start by praising them on their effort. Children love to have an audience. When your child is reading make sure you provide them with your complete attention. Instead of tapping away on the phone, keep everything aside and dedicate those few minutes to spending quality time with your child. The results would be amazing and you would be surprised on actually how fluent your child is at reading.
  • Get a membership at the local library. Make the visits fun and interesting. Your child should understand the importance of silence while they sit and read in a quiet corner. It can be a rewarding experience for your child and it would help instil a habit which would give them a great deal of comfort and happiness in the future.

At kindergartens in Nerang, special attention is paid to instilling the love of reading in children. There is a whole section dedicated to children’s books which are fun and interesting to read.

How to Choose a Childcare Center for Your Kids

childcare center

If you’re a working mom, you understand how important it is to give your children required attention and entertainment at the same time. We do not understand what our children are in the mood for at certain time of the day. It is our job to ensure they’re getting the kind of attention and love they desire, and at the time they’re looking for it.

In order to make sure our children do not miss on anything, we need to make sure we select the right kind of childcare center for them. Selecting a childcare center can be tricky, especially if you do not have prior experience in the matter. However, you can still choose the perfect center for your child if you keep the following things in mind:

1. Credentials of the Childcare Center

It is very important to check credentials and recommendations a childcare center has gotten. Always ask for their credentials to see how qualified they are to work for you. You need to make sure all of them are trained professionals who can care for your children without endangering them in any way.

Good childcare centers have professional credentials to share with parents regarding their educative and activity centres Perth and are reliable in terms of their sources and recommendations.

2. Check for a Nearby Center

It is always a good idea to get your kids admitted to schools or childcare centers which are closer to home. This is because in case of emergency, you can always reach your child without panicking. A good childcare center also offers emergency exits for children and gives conveyance facilities in case you need them.

You can even ask to check their cars, buses and vans in case you need them to facilitate you with a punctual conveyance for your child. A good childcare center has all the basic facilities your child needs.

3. Check for Activities and Curriculum

kids activities

Although childcare centers are not similar to schools and other educational institutes, they still have a plan or curriculum for your child to follow. You need to make sure you have a good look at the daily routine plan set out for your kid. From napping timings to eating schedule and all the menu, you have a right to ask about your childcare.

You will also notice that a good childcare center will not feel offended if you keep asking questions about your child’s care. They will rather facilitate you to question and promise a good experience no matter what. They will always be available to answer questions, hand over their plan for a week or even for a month. But you will notice that the plan is available at their end. This is because good childcare centers are always planned and organized.

How to open a restaurant

The restaurants are among the catering companies, that is, between the commercial establishments whose activity is directed to the public administration of food and beverages, including alcoholic ones. It can be a complicated process that requires particular requirements, administrative procedures to be fulfilled and economic resources to cover the costs of starting up and managing the business. Here are the main aspects to consider to start this economic activity.

Requirements required to open a restaurant

To open a restaurant it is necessary to be of age and possess the requisites, moral and professional.

The moral requirements concern integrity: for example, those who have been declared habitual or professional offenders or those who have been convicted for which a custodial sentence is not lower than three years.

Among the professional requirements it is necessary to possess at least one of the following titles:

1) to have successfully completed a SAB course (Food and Beverage Administration) professional for the trade, preparation or administration of food and beverages, established or recognized by the Regions;

2) to have been self-employed, for at least two years, even non-continuous in the previous five-year period, business activity in the food sector or in the food and beverage administration sector or having worked in such companies as a qualified employee ;

3) be in possession of a secondary school or university degree, even if every three years, provided that in the course of studies are provided subjects related to the trade, preparation or administration of food. Among the qualifying qualifications: diploma of “Technician of the catering services” issued by a Professional Institute of State for Hotel and Catering Services, degree in food science and technology, in science and culture of gastronomy and catering, in Medicine and Surgery, in Veterinary Medicine, in Dietetics and in Pharmacy.

All the requisites must be self-certified at the one- stop- shop for companies by means of specific forms.

 Practical files 
To get a complete picture on how to undertake and manage this activity and its obligations, staying up to date, consult or buy immediately € 5.99:

Requirements for the public exercise

Public exercises must possess specific requirements, varying from region to region:

– urban planning and building requirements , respect for the landscape and historical constraints of the local and suitable square footage. A concrete example concerns the toilets for customers who must also be accessible to the disabled, with a pre-established height and with natural ventilation or through a system;

– intended for commercial use (preferable);

– technical and hygienic-sanitary requisites . For example, the counter of the restaurant must be equipped with surfaces suitable for contact with food and perfectly washable and disinfectable, as well as the area of ​​food preparation. For more specific examples, consult the Milan ASL document ;

– monitoring requirements ;

– requirements on occupational safety and fire prevention .

If you are in possession of the aforementioned requirements anyone can open a restaurant in the rooms you want; in fact it is no longer necessary to obtain a free competition license, or a permit issued by the competent administration with the aim of avoiding the opening of an excessive number of public buildings in the same area.

The simplest company form to open a restaurant is individual, through the opening of a VAT number .

How much does it cost to open a restaurant

The investments necessary to start a restaurant can be determined by a series of variables that concern, for example, the initial costs for:

– lease or purchase of the premises;

– furniture and equipment;

– any employees;

– purchase of raw materials;

– SAB professional training courses (on average, a course costs between 200 and 800 euros);

– preparation of the HACCP self-control plan relating to food hygiene;

– license for the sale of alcohol and spirits;

– administrative and professional costs for the presentation of the opening practice.

How to submit a start-up SCIA

The SCIA – Certified Activity Report – is one of the main administrative tasks to be undertaken to start, modify or cease a craft, commercial or industrial production activity. The SCIA is an administrative declaration that produces immediate effects using the appropriate forms that is filled in self-certification. Except for a few exceptions, it is sufficient for companies to present the relevant SCIA model, correctly completed and complete in its entirety, to start its economic activity.

What is SCIA for?

The SCIA (Certified Report of the beginning of activity) is the administrative declaration to be presented in the Municipality that allows companies to start, modify or cease a productive activity (craft, commercial, industrial). It produces immediate effect , as it is not necessary to wait for the timing, the execution of checks on the requisites and preliminary checks by the competent bodies.

The SCIA, which came into force on July 31, 2010, replaced the DIA (Start of Business Report) and the DIAP (Declaration of the start of production) and consists of a self-certification with attachments, necessary to document the possession of:

– subjective requirements (moral and professional if required for the performance of certain activities);

– objective requisites: foreseen by the law according to the type of economic activity to be initiated, concerning for example the urban, building, sanitary and environmental compliance of the premises or the company equipment.

When to present the SCIA

The SCIA must be presented before the start, modification, suspension or cessation of the activity. Since this is a self-declaration in which the existence of the requirements for the opening of the activity is declared, it is necessary that, on the date of presentation of the same, the applicant already has all the necessary requirements to start the business (for example the company must already be established).

Presentation center

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